Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I&E Bazaar Preparation

Venue :

Logistics :

Racing Game :
3 Race-cars from Sylvia (Pending), approximately 3 from Matthew, 4 from Mateen (Pending), 1 from Ada (Racing Games), Cardboards, Cones, Tracks, Tables, Floorball boards, Stones, Shoebox, Masking Tape, Newspaper,

Drinks Stall :
10 Cartons of Milo, 3 Tubes of Plastic Cups,  1 Ribena Concentrate, 1 Can of whipped cream, 1 Icebox (Desiree), Plastic table mat (Esther),

Roles and responsibility during preparation :
Boon Pin, Kenneth, Jonathan (Racing Games)
Esther, Abiyyu (Portable Drinks Stall)

Group 1 : Kenneth (CEO), Joel (Marketing Director), Yoshiki (Operation Manager), Bryan (Productions Manager), Gavin (Finance Manager)
Group 2 : Jonathan (CEO), Adil (Operations Manager), Daniel (Finance Manager), Kang Xiong (Productions Manager), Yu Tao (Marketing Manager)
Group 3 : Boon Pin (CEO), Matthew (Marketing Manager), Yong Jie (Finance Manager), Mateen (Operations Manager)
Group 4 : Esther (CEO), Desiree (Productions manager) , Sylvia (Operation Manager), Claire (Marketing Manager), Jasmine (Finance Manager)

Prizes :

Advertisement :
We will  be advertising our stall through posters and telling people about our stall through friends.

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