Wednesday, 1 August 2012

I and E Performance task( Joel, Yoshiki, Irfan, Bryan,Kenneth)

Aeolic(Brand name)

Tagline: Gift From The Gods

Production : Sells headphone,earpieces,music instruments

Qualities : Very good quality, crisp sound and comfortable headphones.

Style that matches your soul.

Marketing Performance Task (Adil, Jonathan, Daniel, Kang Xiong)

Marketing Performance Task by Boon Pin,Ada,Mateen,Abiyyu,Yu Tao

Product: Energy Drink
Product Name: Ionizer

Customer Needs:  Energy
Customer Types:  Sports people
                             Heavy Workers
                             Heavy Gamers
Product Value: The Pressure You Can't Resist

Marketing Performance Task (Teri, Matthew, Gavin and Yong Jie)

Company Name: Kinection
(combination of word, kinect, action and vision)

Projected Computer (with sensors)

This removes the need for actual hardcopy computers as people can now use their fingers, hands and gestures to interact with a projected screen and a sensor. It is easy and convenient for presentations as well as to bring around.

Marketing Performance Task (Desiree, Sylvia, Jasmine, Esther, Claire)

Company name: Red Bull
Product: Energy drink

Desiree Esther Sylvia Jasmine Claire

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

I&E Bazaar Preparation

Venue :

Logistics :

Racing Game :
3 Race-cars from Sylvia (Pending), approximately 3 from Matthew, 4 from Mateen (Pending), 1 from Ada (Racing Games), Cardboards, Cones, Tracks, Tables, Floorball boards, Stones, Shoebox, Masking Tape, Newspaper,

Drinks Stall :
10 Cartons of Milo, 3 Tubes of Plastic Cups,  1 Ribena Concentrate, 1 Can of whipped cream, 1 Icebox (Desiree), Plastic table mat (Esther),

Roles and responsibility during preparation :
Boon Pin, Kenneth, Jonathan (Racing Games)
Esther, Abiyyu (Portable Drinks Stall)

Group 1 : Kenneth (CEO), Joel (Marketing Director), Yoshiki (Operation Manager), Bryan (Productions Manager), Gavin (Finance Manager)
Group 2 : Jonathan (CEO), Adil (Operations Manager), Daniel (Finance Manager), Kang Xiong (Productions Manager), Yu Tao (Marketing Manager)
Group 3 : Boon Pin (CEO), Matthew (Marketing Manager), Yong Jie (Finance Manager), Mateen (Operations Manager)
Group 4 : Esther (CEO), Desiree (Productions manager) , Sylvia (Operation Manager), Claire (Marketing Manager), Jasmine (Finance Manager)

Prizes :

Advertisement :
We will  be advertising our stall through posters and telling people about our stall through friends.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Branding (Yoshiki, Matthew)

Business: F&B Japanese food delivery

Brand: Subarashi Japan

Tagline: Bringing Goodness to you

BRANDING(Joel, Kenneth, Bryan)

Waterproof Laptop

BRAND: De-Water

Never Be Scared Of Water

Branding ( Kat Yong Jie, Abiyyu Arif Rahman, Daniel Ho )

Business : Computer Servicing

Brand : Techkle

Tagline : Tackles your Technology Problems

Branding (Esther, Jasmine, Terisha)

Business: Stylized Jackets specifically for teens
Brand: Gorilla
Tagline: Is it too cool, or is it just me?

BRANDING ( Mateen, Irfan, Boon Pin )

Spectacle Services and products

CNW ( Clear 'N' Wide ) 

Helps you see the world

Branding (Gavin, Ada, Yu Tao)

Business: Prosthetics

Brand: L•I•M•B (Life In Mind and Body)

Tagline: Ensuring safety in life and beyond

Branding (Claire, Desiree, Sylvia)

Music record label

Appolic Records

Music by the gods

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Important Datelines

9 MARCH : Submit Innovation Report (

9 MARCH TO 25 MARCH : 1) Model / Prototype to be done
2) Presentation to be prepared

26 MARCH : Touch up model / prototype , presentation

2 APRIL : Presentation

Monday, 27 February 2012

Submission of Final Social Innovation Report

Please submit our final report by 9 March 2012. Send your submissions to Thank You.

Thursday, 9 February 2012


Start with a problem statement.
Identify underlying causes (describe different 7-8 perspectives)
Root cause (using ladder of Why's)
Produce solution ideas (individual, different solutions)
Select evaluation criteria
Apply criteria (solution matrix)

PLEASE NOTE: Each group needs to produce a model/prototype/physical product as an end-result.

Monday, 6 February 2012


My idea is a pair of glasses that can display directions on the lens of the glasses so that only the user can see it. The glasses will also work as a phone, there will be microphones at the side. The glasses can be controlled to accept calls and do the other function by simply thinking about it.

Done By: Sylvia Soh

I&E Statement by Abiyyu, Daniel and Yong Jie

The WORLD'S greatest Invention is Innovation.

Innovation is the water that feeds the seed of Invention to create a tree of Better Change.

I&E Statement by Adil, Jonathan and Kang Xiong

I&E is inventing or innovating items for the better of humanity where the use is useful to the majority and is known to people through proper marketing strategies.

I&E Statement by Joel, Bryan and Kenneth

Innovation is guided by a relentless focus on quality.

I&E Statement by Yoshiki and Matthew

I&E is about inventing new things and improving everyday things. Usually the item would be somethings impactful not to just one person, but to as many people as possible


My out of this world invention is a canister that can convert radioactive air into clean,breathable air,and radioactive water into clean,drinkable water.It can also get rid of radioactive waste easily.It will just convert the radioactive waste into recyclable material.This will help to prevent nuclear accidents and disperse and sighs of radioactivity easily.

-Done By Matthew Wong


An online community where people can fall asleep at home, and transport into a digital cyberspace where it will be just like the real world only that you can do anything, and if you die, you just re spawn again.


My out of this world idea is to have a pen that does not run out of ink or lead.It automatically refills and so reduces the need to buy ink refills therefore reducing costs as the person just needs to buy this 1 ink refilling pen and they may not need to buy a pen anymore until the pen wears out which should be in a few years.



My out of this world invention is basically a new system for planting seeds. Since the soil that is rich in nutrients are deep underground, the system will basically have tubes that have seeds that are spaced at equal intervals. The tube will then be plunged deep underground so that the nutrient rich soil can be gathered in the tubes. The tube will then be pulled up to the normal level at which seeds are planted and from there, the seeds will grow with the help of the nutrient rich soil.

Done By: Md Ada Syafiq


My out of world invention is something like a traffic light which changes the timing between lights when there are more human traffic or car traffic, it would change accordingly.

By: Gavin


A device that makes things levitate.
It is a special glove that carries things, with the same weight, and makes it suspended in the air. The main idea is to take over the use of tables. this is the kind of design that i would like to use. This is just the design, the functions of the glove below are of course different than the one i plan to design


My idea is to have a giant "slidescalator". What the Slidescalator does is that it is both a 'slide' and an 'escalator'. It can go upwards like an escalater, and with the flick of a button the steps straighten out to form a slide.

By: Teri

Monday, 16 January 2012


Ice that never melt.

If there was ice that never melt, there would be no global warming.
If there was ice that never melt, refrigerators creator will run bankrupt.
If there was ice that never melt, more ice could be made to replace the polar caps.
If there was ice that never melt, water would be less wasted.


My idea is a camping knife that contains a compartment for storing flint and a mini drill that makes kindling easier.
This will really benefit campers as it will be much easier to start a fire.


A self-refilling water bottle:

• Refills itself when it is empty
• Senses if it is empty through a sensor
• Can also be manually filled by pressing a button


Its a mouse that could easily respond to a human touch and will suit the user eg,( the person's hand is big so the mouse will know what to do) by Bryan Kong.


A jacket that is just right for the surrounding.
The material jacket would be such that the user would be able to change the thickness of the jacket.
There would be a knob increase or decrease the thickness of the jacket.
Designed for people who like to wear jackets all the time


1. Mind-controlled trackpad/mouse/keyboard.

There will be brain magnetic pulse sensor in the brain. Which detects brain waves that could transmit data to any computer and controls it.

Basically, its a mind-controlled computer.

2. Window Visualiser.

A projector will project an image onto a "transformable opacity" window. It will turn opaque when projector light is shone and turn transparent again when the projector is off. That solves the hassle when you need to dim the room when a presentation is shone.




The World Orb

It is a orb that transports you to anywhere in the world with a push of a button


Spectacles that is a computer so when we wear it can be a phone/computer and we can use it anytime!

by SOandSO (Mateen)


A liquid that will form different shaped puddle and change colour in response to sound frequency. It act as a music "visualizer"

Done By - Yap Boon Pin


A car that can fit inside a suitcase.

A portable car that can be kept in a suitcase for easier use

I&E Statement by Gavin, Ada And Yu Tao

I&E is basically using thoughts and improving it to be a item which contributes to the society.